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Play Ball

The Roaring Crowd


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Ambassadors Bridge & Scenic Detroit

Arriving with the sun

6am brews after 24 hours of driving

It Begins

The Canopy & The Heat

Feet Pour

Watching Matt & Kim

Birthday Boy

A Sea of Sunburns & Bad Tattoos

Silent Disco Predator

On our way to the Arcade Fire

Ready to Start

The kids are all standing with their arms folded tight

Poncho Libre

The Morning Spritz

The Morning Vodka

The Morning Tank Burn

The Cajun Tenders

Hiding from the heat in the silent disco

Iron & Wine Onstage

Om Noms

The Hat

Black & Yellow (Watching Wiz Kalifa)

People watching while watching My Morning Jacket

Watching The Black Keys

Paul & Soohon

FACT: Canadians have never seen fireworks

Watching Girl Talk

Hot Dog Cigar


Shannon & Jess

The Campers & The Cuckoo

Strolling to watch The Strokes

Pink lady

A Goodlooking Gang

Superstar Special

12:30am - Waffle Haus

Gone to Seed

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Mik & River

Flora & Oscar

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Feelin’ blue


In bloom

Front garden


Oscar - the horse that roams free at my parents house

Dog Days

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Want to play dogs?

I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

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So-called fireworks

Enthusiasm at its finest


Sizing up the competition

A gentlemen's game

Double dream hands

Backstreet's back

Sinking morals

Floating Nate

Men and Women

One man's straight jacket is another mans life jacket

Couples Flip Cup Champs


Honey Hooligans

Earned stripes

Fuck it

Preparing the kill room

I've seen what they are capable of, and I have come to warn you

Bathday (or, celebrating birth with woven meats and fancy hats)

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Lady Bath

Hat Cake

Bacon Weave

Hush My Darling

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Jungle Trail

Larger then expected

Bam! Boo!



Notty Wood



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View from the bed - 5am - Montezuma Costa Rica


Mountains across the gulf


View from the yoga deck

Jane Goodall Shit

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"The monkeys up town, told us not to fuck around."

A playmate?

Monkey on a treetop

And he's a jumper..

funny little fellow